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Surveying and mapping services, solid mineral resources, geophysical prospecting, geological drilling, geotechnical engineering survey, topographic mapping and other projects

Geological exploration services including OBI island due diligence, Central Kalimantan zircon sand mine exploration project, Merak gold mine geological exploration project, PLM sand gold mine geological exploration project, Pontianak copper gold mine drilling project, China - India Mining Sangjia Rupi Copper and Gold Mine Geological Exploration Project,

Longfeng Group Bangka Island sand tin mine geological exploration project, Jiuyuan Chemical PML Nickel Exploration, Yinyi Group MALILI and BULI Geological Projects, Bogor lead-zinc mine projects, etc; We familiar with GB, JORC and other regulation and standard.

Geotechnical investigation Indonesia geotechnical engineering survey including OBI Island smelter survey, First Pacific detailed smelter pre-survey, Long Feng smelter survey project, Merak smelter survey, Hengshun maritime dock survey, Buton Island asphalt smelting project detailed survey, PT.Sungai Raya Nickel Alloy Indonesia project detailed smelter pre-survey (including pile foundation construction) and other geotechnical engineering survey work; We familiar with GB, American Standard, British Standard and other regulation and specification.