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Safety technical operating procedures - electrical safety technical operating procedures

From: PT BUKITMAS INDONESIA  Date:2017-11-15 17:53:53  Hits:1408  Belong to:Company News
1, must pass the relevant departments of safety and technical training, after passing the examination certificate issued to operate independently.
2, all insulation, inspection tools should be properly kept, prohibited him to use, and should be regularly checked and tested.
3. Site construction power consumption, high and low voltage equipment and lines should be installed and erected in accordance with the construction organization design and the relevant electrical safety technical regulations.
4, the construction site dedicated neutral point direct grounding power system must adopt TN-S three-phase five wire system zero protection system, the implementation of three power distribution, three level protection, strictly prohibit the use of four core or three core cable, plus a wire instead of five core or four core cable.
5, the line is prohibited with load power or power, and prohibit live operation.
6, electrical equipment and wiring must be well insulated, wires and metal objects can not be tied together; all kinds of motor must be set according to the provisions of the ground and repeated grounding, and set a single switch; in case of temporary power outages or downtime, must be locked and locked.
7, wiring should be color separation (including distribution box connection), phase line L1 yellow, L2 green, L3 red, work zero line N is black, protect zero line PE is green / yellow double color.
8, in the overhead transmission lines should be the following power, not a power outage, protective measures should be isolated; in the overhead line side work, in any case, from the nearest distance arm, wire rope or heavy load and overhead transmission lines are not less than the specification.
9, someone electric shock, immediately cut off the power supply, emergency; electrical fire, should immediately cut off the power supply, and use the insulating fire extinguisher or dry sand fire extinguishing.
10. The rated power of all fuses (pieces) of electrical equipment should be adapted to their load capacity; it is forbidden to replace fuse with other metal wires.
11, in the high voltage electrified area part of power failure work, the human body and live parts should maintain a safe distance, and need to be monitored.
12, the construction of electricity and living power lines must be erected separately, power and lighting leakage protection must be separated; lighting switches, lights and sockets, etc., should be correctly connected to the phase line and zero line.
13. Temporary lighting wires and lamps at the construction site should be no less than 2.5 meters, outdoor height should be no less than 3 meters, flammable and explosive places use explosion-proof lamps.
14, installation of lighting lines are not allowed directly on the board ceiling or sound insulation board pass and piled materials, must pass, should be placed on the big wall of the foot board.
15, to do a good job of steel pipe scaffold, material hoist, tower crane and other lightning protection grounding protection, grounding body can use angle steel, not use thread steel, grounding resistance should meet the specification requirements.
The minimum distance of 16 and the outer electric overhead wire and scaffolding must comply with the regulations; not up to the requirements of the enclosure must use scaffolding rod, and a dense mesh safety net closed, and hanging eye-catching warning signs.
17, branch erection should be set up cross arm, and fixed with insulators, wires are prohibited erected in scaffolding, trees and other places, not allowed to use bamboo poles; overhead lines, not bunched up.
18, the distribution box and electrical equipment metal enclosure must have reliable grounding parallel to the network, set up according to the NT-S system.
19, the construction site distribution box must be made of iron plate, to have rainproof measures, locks complete, with color code, unified number.
20, switch box to do one machine and one gate of a protection box should be kept clean without debris; indicate the name, use, maintenance electrician name; switch box, distribution box, power lighting is prohibited for every mixture; inspection, maintenance time, maintenance records and the records should have.
21, the power box power line length is not more than 30 meters, moving machine lead line is not more than 5 meters.